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  Shooting Association of PNG  
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  PNG Practical Shooting Association  
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Match name :
International Practical Shooting Confederation. (To enter in the IPSC shoots you must have completed the Firearm Safety Course and deemed competent by the Duty Range Officer)
Schedule :
Club Matches are scheduled four per year on the last Sunday of each quarter (see Match Schedule for exact dates). Otherwise, there will be Formal/Informal shoots on alternate Sundays. Signup for Club Matches start at 9:30am, with the match starting at 10:00am. Formal/Informal shoots on alternate Sundays are 10:00am to 01:00pm.
Cost :
For the Club Matches on the last Sunday of each quarter, the cost is K20.00. (Please check the Match Schedule as fees may change) Formal and Informal Shoots are free. Club ammunition (9mm) is available at K60.00 per 50 rounds.
Firearms used : Any pistol 9mm to .45 caliber firing standard ammunition.  
Number of rounds needed: Approximately 100 rounds.  
Other equipment needed: In addition to eye and ear protection, enclosed footwear, holster, belt, mag pouches.  
Targets :
Standard IPSC cardboard targets, various sized steel plates, pepper poppers.
Format :
Combat pistol match run according to IPSC rules. Score consists of points divided by time, weighted on each stage by number of rounds. For more information, go to the USPSA web site at www.uspsa.org. Shooters are divided into divisions based on firearm (Open/ Limited/ Production/ Revolver). We do not run classes based on skill level, Grandmaster to D classes shoot together.
Prizes :
For Club Matches some prizes provided by Sponsors, for Formal and Informal Shoots bragging rights only.
Contact person: Gary Parker or view the Match Schedule.